Chapter/Membership Requirements

Any person of good Christian character and community standing, male or female, between the ages of 8 and 18, who is an Orthodox Christian by Faith, is eligible to join the Jr. A.C.R.Y.

You will be considered a Jr. A.C.R.Y. member until the Convention of your 18th birthday or upon High School Graduation, which ever comes last. For example, if you turn 18 in December but are still a Senior in High School, then you are still considered a Jr. A.C.R.Y. member until after the next convention.

To remain in Good Standing, your chapter must:

1. Pay the fee of $10.00 dues per chapter member. The dues must be postmarked and mailed to the Financial Secretary by December 1st.

2. Abide by the National By-Laws and Constitution

3. Donate a minimum of $75 to the Fund Drive per year.

If your chapter is not in good standing with the National Jr. ACRY, your chapter could potentially not receive full privileges at national events. You may attend all national events and participate in the bowling at the Bowling Tournament, but you may not be able to run for national offices at the Convention, win chapter or individual awards, win trophies at Bowling Tournament, and vote or have a say at meetings in the Convention. Such matters are up to the discretion of the National Jr. ACRY Executive Board, who shall review each case prior to each event and make a final decision regarding the enactment or waiver of the Delinquent penalties.

(This information can be found in a more detailed format in the National Jr. ACRY By-laws