Live Broadcasts of Divine Services From Christ the Saviour Cathedral

ATTENTION:  The broadcast stream will begin at approximately 3 minutes before the posted starting time of the service. If the broadcast is not live, simply refresh the page.  A red light at the bottom of the screen will indicate when the stream is live.

This new service allows people with slower internet speeds to enjoy the broadcast as well. While it should automatically select the highest quality your internet service can stream, you may select the desired quality up to full HD (1080) by clicking on the round settings button on the bottom right corner of the video screen.

Select full screen mode by clicking on the  button at the far bottom right corner of the screen

Broadcast Schedule 

Your Feedback and Assistance is Needed

We ask that you email us with your honest feedback, positive and negative re: the quality of the video and audio,  whether you experienced any interuptions in service, video stuttering, etc.  Please let us know how long you watched and what city/state you are in. Please email us at   

 Also we ask as we move into this new phase of live broadcasting, if you regularly watch the live broadcast that you consider making a regular contribution to offset the cost of this ministry and become an Internet Ministry Partner.  Click Here to Offer Your Support.   



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Your regular, weekly support  Is NEEDED to Continue Providing this High Quality Video Broadcast.