Orthodox Christianity

What is The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Christian Church, also called the "Eastern Orthodox" Church, or simply "the Orthodox Church," is the oldest Christian Church in the world, founded by Jesus Christ and with its beginnings chronicled in the New Testament. (The Mother Church of our Diocese, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, one of the most ancient of Orthodox churches, was originally founded in A.D. 38 by the Apostle Andrew) All other Christian churches and groups can be traced historically back to it.

Orthodoxy, with approximately 225 million members worldwide,  is second in size only to the Roman Catholic Church.  However, in spite of its size, relatively few Americans are aware that it exists.

The Orthodox Church has deep and lasting roots in Christian antiquity and is steeped in rich Biblical tradition. It has been the context of Christian living for millions of Christians for almost twenty centuries.   Learn More Here>>

Learn About and Experience The Orthodox Faith

While we encourage you to read more on our website about the Orthodox Faith, one cannot, however, understand the Orthodox Church merely by reading about it.  Orthodox Christianity must be experienced firsthand to be understood.

We invite you to visit one of our Diocesan Parishes near you to experience for yourself, the power and beauty of Orthodox Worship.  

Our hope is that when you visit the Orthodox Christian Church near you,  you will experience the presence of God in worship, enjoy fellowship with others that are also on their own spiritual journey, and join a community of believers in service to others.


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Exploring the Orthodox Faith: Some Helpful Resources


Basic Teachings and FAQS

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Things To Know Before Visiting An Orthodox Church

Great overview of what to expect when visiting an Orthodox Church for the first time.

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Interested in Becoming An Orthodox Christian?

Learn about the pathway towards embracing the Orthodox Faith.

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