Forming A Chapter

1.      Talk to your priest. - Tell him that you would like to start a Jr. ACRY chapter and ask him to help you organize it.

2.       Invite kids to join your church’s chapter. (See the requirements for being a member of the Jr. ACRY.) The minimum number of members for an official chapter is 3 (The President, Secretary and Treasurer). If you do not have enough members to become a chapter, you can still be a member of the Jr. ACRY by becoming a Chapter at Large. A Chapter-at-Large is made up of people that want to be in the ACRY but don't have enough members to start an official chapter. As a member of Chapter-at-Large you have the same privileges as a member of a chapter. (See requirements for chapters and members.)

3.      Contact the National Jr. ACRY Advisor . (If you need help, contact your parish priest.)  You will be given will give you further directions.

If you have previously had a Jr. ACRY Chapter at any time in your parish history, it can be reactivated with three or more persons, but the cost is $5.00 to do so. If you have never had a Jr. ACRY chapter in your parish, than you will need to Charter a chapter. This costs $5.00 as well.

(This process is more detailed in the National Jr. ACRY By-laws)