Forming A Chapter

1.      Talk to your priest. - Tell him that you would like to start a Jr. ACRY chapter and ask him to help you organize it.

2.       Invite kids to join your church’s chapter. (See the requirements for being a member of the Jr. ACRY.) The minimum number of members for an official chapter is 3 (The President, Secretary and Treasurer). If you do not have enough members to become a chapter, you can still be a member of the Jr. ACRY by becoming a Chapter at Large. A Chapter-at-Large is made up of people that want to be in the ACRY but don't have enough members to start an official chapter. As a member of Chapter-at-Large you have the same privileges as a member of a chapter. (See requirements for chapters and members.)

3.      Contact the National Jr. ACRY Advisor. (If you need help, contact your parish priest.) He will give you further directions.

If you have previously had a Jr. ACRY Chapter at any time in your parish history, it can be reactivated with three or more persons, but the cost is $5.00 to do so. If you have never had a Jr. ACRY chapter in your parish, than you will need to Charter a chapter. This costs $5.00 as well.

(This process is more detailed in the National Jr. ACRY By-laws)