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The Junior National American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Youth (Jr. ACRY) is the National Youth Organization of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA. Established in 1983, by Bishop John (Martin) of Thrice-Blessed-Memory, the Junior ACRY offers the youth of the diocese an opportunity to grow in the Orthodox Faith. (Read More...)


DUE – December 1st - Membership Forms:

DUE Third Friday in May - Camp Essay Contest Entries

DUE – June 1st - Convention Proposal Forms: 

DUE - July 15th-  Fund-Drive Donation, Awards and Scholarship Applicationss

DUE – August 1st - Delegate Form 

DUE- August 1st - Miss/Mr. ACRY Application

See Forms and Deadlines Page For Complete Information on Scholarships, Awards and Convention Deadlines