Winterize Your Car...and Soul.

So often each winter season we hear of the need to prepare our homes and vehicles for the cold weather. We stock up on salt, find our gloves and favorite hats and keep our gas tanks close to full so they won't crack the lines.. How often though do we give such attention to our equipping our souls and hearts in the face of the spiritual blizzard of temptation that showers upon us each passing day? In our baptisms we were given more than a pair of gloves to stay warm in this cold evening as we wait for the New Day of Christ's resurrection. Better than a winter hat we have the helmet of salvation, better than a coat we have the breast plate of righteousness and far better than all we have the sword of the Spirit in prayer calling upon the Word of God, Jesus Christ! Something both the rich and poor, scribe and fisherman alike can use and are never without. 

How often do we vest ourselves with such armor, winterizing our spirit, heart and soul? Readying ourselves to move forward in the battle, in the face of the cold rain and wind of immoral trials and all that life throws our way? May they not be found hanging in the closet for years but ready to be worn and used! 

With all trades and arts it takes practice, heart, and dedication to succeed. If we have only prayed with our lips but never with our minds and hearts then truly we have yet to take advantage of that which was given to us at our baptism, the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God and prayer. This winter, we need salt for more than just the road by our homes but for our souls as we traverse the narrow path. God is the supplier of that salt which is His grace. May we call upon Him each day to help us with faith, to find our footing asking Him not to only come along with us but to guide us and give us the directions, His will, to find salvation while helping one another along the way! We are never alone as the saints walk beside us with the angels holding us up and preparing us for bigger and better things. Amen! 

May the Lord bless all of us with His grace to never look back and move forever forward and heavenward in the armor of God!  (Source Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-18)

By Fr. Jonathan Bannon.