What's In Your Wallet

We're all familiar with the credit card commercial that asks this question. When we are faced with temptation, one of the best ways to combat it is to draw our minds to Christ and to pray.  Sometimes it helps to have a reminder.  That's why the question "what's in your wallet" as well as the questions, "what's around your neck" and "what's on your wrist" can be very important to us as we struggle daily to be the best Orthodox Christians we can be.

 "What's in your wallet?"  We probably all have a lot of the same things in our wallets: money, a driver's license, school ID, pictures, etc.  How many of us have an icon card?  Carrying around a small icon card, especially if it has some sort of prayer written on the back of it, should be a part of every wallet.  What better way to think of God and to remind ourselves to pray than to have a holy image and a prayer on hand all the time?

"What's around your neck?"  Necklaces or beads are the most common things, and that goes for guys as well as girls.  Here's hoping we all are wearing a cross around our necks as well.  The cross is the symbol of Christ's victory over death and a reminder to us that we have to carry our own crosses each and every day,

"What's on your wrist?"  How about a bracelet, or a wrist watch?  Better yet, how about a prayer rope?   When we have a prayer rope around our wrist, or even one in our pocket, it can make it easy to pray no matter where we are.  We can say a short prayer like the Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner) as our fingers move over each bead on the rope.