Annual Membership Requirements/Deadlines

Financial Obligations

To be a member in good standing of the ACRY, the following requirements

  • National Dues of an annual $20.00/person  Due by Dec 1st of each year. 
  • Voluntary Contribution to ACRY Stewardship Campaign  By Feb 10th

 Please note: chapters must submit a Fund Drive donation by the February 10th deadline in order for any members of their chapter to be eligible for scholarships.

ACRY Annual Deadline

Deadline to Submit Photos:  October 31

Deadline to Submit Advertisements:  November 15

Annual Membership and Chapter Officer Forms

Due By Dec 1 st

  • Completed Membership Enrollment Form (names and contact info of members)
  • Completed Officers Form (names and contact info of officers)
  • Check Made out to National A.C.R.Y. For Annual National Dues of $20.00 per person


Completed forms are due by July 1st
Chapter must make an ACRY Stewardship Campaign Contribution in order for applicant from a specific chapter to be eligible

Awards Nominations

  • Church School Teacher Of The Year Award
  • Chapter Achievement Award
  • Individual  Achievement Award 

Deadline for submitting award nomination is May 15