On Stewardship and the Orthodox Life - Part 141: Spiritual Education (4/09/17)

“By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciple.” (John 15:8  RSV)

 Most Orthodox Christians, actually all Christians, fall into the trap of I don’t need to know more!  I learned all about Orthodoxy, Theology and being saved when I was in Sunday school!  Sound familiar?  How many of you have attended an adult education class or adult Bible class at your parish in the past year?  In the past year, how many read the scriptures daily or have read a book about the Saints or a Spirituality book?  Many of you read the newspaper every day or read articles on the internet or read a “novel”?  How many of you are concerned enough about your salvation and that of your brothers and sisters to further your spiritual education? 

As Orthodox, we have a tendency to shy away from talking about our faith.  Or, we say, “we are right, and you are wrong!”  That doesn’t help anyone.  The primary reason we react this way is that we do not know enough about our faith to be able to express it or live it.  Our faith is confined to two hours on Sunday!

We talked in previous blogs about being in communion with God and our brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing the gifts God has given us with each other that we might assist each other to Theosis.  How can we do that if we fail to educate and understand ourselves?  If the majority of the parish fails to be educated and fails to understand their faith, how can we make disciples to go out and help others?

The good news is that God has given us the abilities to learn, understand, remember and speak.  He has given us the gifts that we need on our journey to Theosis as well as helping others on that same journey.  He has given us the ability to make disciples, and He has commanded us to use those gifts for that specific purpose.

Can you say that you are using your gifts as God commanded?  If not, why not?  The Church offers you the opportunity to come and see, to learn, to teach. God has given you the gifts to accomplish that, will you take advantage of what He has given you in order to obtain what He has promised you? Or will you continue to be that two hour Sunday Orthodox Christian!

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