About The Stewardship Commission

Establishment of the Commission

As a result of discussions held at the XXI Diocesan Sobor/Council in 2009, Metropolitan Nicholas appointed a Stewardship Commission to chart a direction for the Diocese in the understanding and implementation of Christian Stewardship. 

Work of the Commission  - Year 1 -Education

The Commission has set forth a three-year plan, in which the first year will be dedicated to stewardship education throughout the diocese. Included in the Commission’s plan are presentations on stewardship at the Priests’ Convocation, the re-convened Sobor/Council, the Christian Education Conference, Camp Nazareth curriculum, ACRY Convention, Deacon’s Retreat, and Seminary curriculum. In addition, a regular stewardship column in the Church Messenger will commence later this year. It is the plan of the Commission to try and reach all levels of diocesan life. This would include the calling of a joint meeting of all Diocesan Commissions and Apostolates to discuss the impact of Christian stewardship in their work and a meeting with the Diocesan Board of Trustees and the Diocesan Chancery for the same purpose.

Given that Stewardship education is also among the responsibilities of our clergy and laity in local parishes, the stewardship commission has developed  the first in what may be a series of resources on the implementation of Christian Stewardship in our diocese. STEWARDSHIP: A WAY OF LIFE I .

This resource package which was distributed in print and cd rom  formats at the 2010 Diocesan Sobor, offers materials for personal and parish reflection. It includes the proposed Stewardship Mission Statement for our Diocese, and a theological reflection on that statement. The resource further contains materials that can be used individually as well as in educational settings. These resources include sermons and sermon ideas for the clergy, youth stewardship materials and stewardship materials garnered from other Christian bodies whose insights may be helpful in our own stewardship education. This resource has been provided for prayer, reflection and study on the parish and personal levels. There is no set way to use the materials herein. They are commended to parishes and individuals to begin the process of thinking and praying about Christian stewardship in each of our lives.

Future Work of the Commission

Future resources produced by the Commission will develop more specific strategies for the implementation of Christian stewardship not only in our parishes but in our Diocese as a whole.
They will be distributed  to the faithful of the diocese as they are completed.

Contacting the Commission

We welcome your questions and feedback. Please direct your questions to 

Andrew Podolak, Chairman

244 Delicious Rd.
Linden, VA 22642

Tel: (571-451-7227)

E-mail:  agp.1945@hotmail.com


Father Basil Aiden
Deacon Stephen Hall
John Bilanin
Stephanie Betsa
Dan Hromyak
Barbara Knighton

Epistle Reading: Ephesians 4:17-25

Gospel Reading: Luke 4:22-30

The Commemoration of the Miracle of the Theotokos Myrtidiotissis in Kythyra; Thecla the Protomartyr & Equal to the Apostles; Silouan of Athos; Stephen the Martyr; The Most Holy Theotokos of Palianis; Coprios the Righteous; Juvenaly & Peter the Aleut, New Martyrs of Alaska

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Stewardship News

Stewardship Coordinators Retreat To Be Held At Camp Nazareth
Thursday, July 14, 2016

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