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The Orthodox Clergy Wife

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What does it mean to have a wonderful title, and no real job description? The position of the wife of a priest is exactly this. The various languages or every Orthodox country have titles of honor for the priest’s wife. Some might literally be translated as ‘priestess’, while some mean ‘wife of the priest’, and in at least one language — Russian — the priest’s wife is ‘mother’ or ‘little mother’.

So it’s clear that our Orthodox cultures have always seen the position of priest’s wife as something special. Yet there really is no “job description” for what she should do or be. This might be seen as a reason for confusion and frustration, but I think it’s more true to the nature of Orthodoxy to see it as the Church’s loving freedom, given to her children. It leaves a woman free to regard her position as a ministry Read more...




Fasting For The Feasts

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our own Pani Marianna Bannon is the author of a very useful book entitled Fasting For The Feasts!

In addition to over 40 recipes, the book includes a brief introduction which explains why we fast, meal planning tips and how to plan for a church potluck. This is a great book that will help you with that difficult quandary on fasting days, especially as we are near the end of Lent “ What can I make to eat ?” A must have for every home. Read more...





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