Stewardship A Way Of Life Resource II - Implementing Stewardship In The Parish

This Resource is directed to parish leadership throughout the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese as part of an ongoing effort to provide practical and inspirational ministry resources for the practice of Christian Stewardship within our parishes.

Our parishes with successful Orthodox Christian Stewardship Programs have found that incredible support is unleashed from Stewards who willingly, unselfishly and joyfully offer their time, talents and treasures, which in turn enhances the spirituality and ministry of the local parish.

This Resource is a continuing effort to move our parishes to a year-round “Way of Life” stewardship. An earlier Resource (available on CD, in print and on-line at provided educational and inspirational stewardship resources for clergy and faithful. Additional resources will be made available through the efforts of the diocesan Stewardship Commission. These include articles in the Church Messenger, periodic stewardship updates on the Diocesan website, workshops, retreats and personal stewardship consultation as requested.

This Resource contains some tried and successful processes for transition from a dues system to a pledge system, sample letters, pledge cards for time, talent and treasure, and other ideas for parish stewardship ministry. These resources will be made available both in hard copy and through the diocesan website. This is a beginning effort for our Diocese. The Stewardship Commission is available to assist you in customizing these resources. Contact the Commission by email (, or by telephone 770-485-0504. We will do our best to accommodate your custom resource request.

Stewardship A Way of Life - Resource 2

  • Article:  Stewards of the Mysteries of God
  • An Introduction to Parish Resource II
  • The Dues System: A Different Perspective
  • An Exploration of Tithing in Holy Scriptures
  • First Steps in Parish Stewardship
  • A Suggested Orthodox Christian Parish Stewardship Program
  • Moving from a Dues System to Orthodox Christian Stewardship:
    A Case Study – Holy Ghost, Phoenixville, PA
  • Stewardship of Time and Talent
  • A "Time and Talent" Handbook
  • A Children’s Activity
  • Suggestions for the Annual Stewardship Event
  • Suggestions for a Stewardship Sunday
  • Follow-up to Stewardship Sunday
  • End-of-Year Suggested Procedures
  • Appendix: Letters and Pledge Cards

Download Parish Resource II: Stewardship: A Way of Life-- Implementing Stewardship in the Parish (PDF Format)

Powerpoint Presentations

God's Economy (Powerpoint Presentation)
God's Economy - Powerpoint Script (PDF Format)

Tithing (Powerpoint Presentation)
Tithing - Powerpoint Script  (PDF Format)

Time and Talents (Powerpoint Presentation)

Children's Resources

Stories of Steward the Church Mouse - A resource to teach young children the principles of Christian Stewardship.

Download Stories of Steward the Church Mouse  (PDF Format)