Stewardship A Way Of Life Resource I

Stewardship education is also among the responsibilities of our clergy and laity in local parishes. So we come to this resource. This is the first in what may be a series of resources on the implementation of Christian Stewardship in our diocese. STEWARDSHIP: A WAY OF LIFE I offers you materials for personal and parish reflection. It includes the proposed Stewardship Mission Statement for our Diocese, and a theological reflection on that statement. The resource further contains materials that can be used individually as well as in educational settings. These resources include sermons and sermon ideas for the clergy, youth stewardship materials and stewardship materials garnered from other Christian bodies whose insights may be helpful in our own stewardship education.

These materials which were presented at the 2010 Diocesan Sobor in print and in cd-rom format  are also being made available here in this stewardship resource page for your convenience.

Introduction - Guide to Using  Stewardship: A Way of Life

Download Introduction and Guide to Stewardship: A Way of Life  (PDF Format)

Stewardship and the Church Fathers

Read what the Church Fathers have to say about Stewardship.

St. John Chrysostom and Stewardship (Power Point Presentation)
St. John Chrysostom and Stewardship (PDF Format)

St. John Chrysostom, Almsgiving, and Persons with Disability (PDF Format)

St. John Chrysostom and the Wise Stewardship of Our Money (PDF Format)

St John Chrysostom and the Problem of Wealth (PDF Format)

Stewardship Sermons

Download sermons for use in parish setting or for personal edification.

Luke 12:16-21 - Sermon A  (PDF Format)

Luke 12:16-21 - Sermon B  (PDF Format)

Cross Veneration Sunday - Lent   (PDF Format)

The Good Samaritan  (PDF Format)

All Our Gifts 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12 (PDF Format)

Stewardship Bible Study

Stewardship and "First Fruits"  (PDF Format)

Parable of the Talents (PDF Format)

St. Nicholai Velimirovich and Blessed Theophylact (PDF Format)

Stewardship and Children

Educating our children about Christian Stewardship is crucially important to forming their proper understanding of the Christian Vocation.  Here is a useful resource that can be used with children.

Introducing Stewardship to Children (PDF Format)

Christian Stewardship for Young People - Curriculum Outline (PDF Format)