Orthodox Parochial Schools

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Orthodox School Association- - The Orthodox School Association promotes Orthodox schools in America by providing information, curricular resources, institutional supports, and conferences that are specific to the needs and interests of Orthodox schools.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Academy, Warren Ohio - Utilizing the Classic Curriculum, our Preschool through 6th Grade is the only Orthodox Christian school in Ohio, we provide an education that provides a high quality learning environment for successful social and cognitive development of the child. We also guide the spiritual and social development of students by their participation in the Orthodox community and liturgical cycle.

Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy - a Russian Orthodox coeducational, non-profit, full-time day school  for grades K-12, scheduled around the old calendar of Orthodox feast days and services. - San Francisco, CA

Saint Basil Academy - functions as both a home for children in need and a national retreat center for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.