Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage Working Group (DCRHWG)

Christ the Teacher Ms. Maria Korchak, Chairwoman

Ms. Alexa Petrick, Secretary
Pani Ileana Bennett
Ms. Maggie Conjelko
Ms. Sophia Timko
Ms. Anna Korchak
Ms. Alexandra Benc

Mission - The mission of this group is to preserve, celebrate and practice Carpatho-Rusyn traditions within the ACROD, allowing for enhancement of spiritual practices, as well as promoting the education of Carpatho-Rusyn history and  an understanding of the founding of the ACROD.  We strive to promote and maintain activities commensurate and consistent with the ideals and teachings of Carpatho-Rusyn heritage, by fostering in the ACROD a deeper understanding of America’s diverse heritage and immigration history, by promoting and preserving Carpatho Rusyn culture, history and traditions. We strive to encourage interests in ancestral history, family roots, and appreciation of the enrichment of liturgical living through the traditional practices of feasts, fasts, saint veneration and celebrations. 

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