About Us

The Diocesan Apostolate for Youth was formed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas in September 2005 to provide much needed attention to the spiritual needs of our diocesan youth and their parents. His Eminence has designated this important outreach to our youth to be an Apostolate (meaning the work of the Apostles), to underscore the seriousness and urgency of its mission. The youth apostolate, therefore, is not a program or an organization, but rather a catalyst for pious activity. It strives to provide the needed resources for our youth to experience and explore their Orthodox Faith beyond the comfort and safety of their parish communities and families.

The most visual aspect of the Youth Apostolate is the semi-monthly Daylight section of our Diocesan Newspaper, The Church Messenger. Articles within this section highlight youth activity within the Diocese and are often written by the youth themselves.

Another highly successful fruit of the Youth Apostolate is the activity of Spiritual Pilgrimages. Beginning at the Summer Pilgrimage at Camp Nazareth in 2007 with the Pilgrimage to the Cross, these Diocesan Youth pilgrimages have been made through the streets of New York City to the Saint Mary of Egypt Monastery and across the hills of rural Pennsylvania to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, with many more regional and Diocesan Pilgrimages being planned.

In addition, in cooperation with the Diocesan Apostolates for Liturgical Publications and Religious Education, the Youth Apostolate produced youth based resources such as:

• A reference publication highlighting the teachings, traditions and customs of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church, with a focus on the expression of  the feast days in the home.

• Discussions on contemporary Youth issues from an Orthodox perspective available as podcast or download through our Diocesan Website and Orthodox resources such as the Orthodox Christian Radio Network.

• An Akathist for our Youth which is a liturgical supplication similar to the popular Saint Nectarios Moleben which will be offered in behalf of our youth for their well being and steadfastness in the Orthodox Christian Faith.

• A series of interactive programs designed for use in parishes and Jr. ACRY events which focus on Orthodox Christian perspectives on current events.


With the Blessing of His Eminence,  Metropolitan Gregory,  the Diocesan Apostolate for Youth is overseen by the following diocesan clergy:

Diocesan Director of Youth:

Very Rev. Fr. Stephen Loposky


Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Fetchina, Director of Day
Rev. Fr. Michael Chendorain Editor of Daylight
Very Rev. Protopresbyter Peter Paproski
Very Rev. Fr  Peter Zarynow
Very Rev. Fr. Miles Zdinak
Rev. Fr. Matthew Stagon