About Us

Since the inception of the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese in 1938 there has always been a printed forum for communicating with our faithful. The  first diocesan newspaper was known  simply as the Vistnik or Messenger.

The current format of The Church Messenger was established in 1946  with the  express goal of serving as a medium for education and for strengthening the sense of community within the diocese.  While in recent years it has taken on a fresh and modern look,  its mission remains the same.

The  Church Messenger serves an important role within the life of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese.  First and foremost,  it  offers its its readership invaluable insight into the Orthodox Christian Faith and its rich history and heritage. It  also provides timely information regarding the activities and events currently taking place in the diocese.

The Church Messenger also  provides a forum for our Diocesan Hierarch to communicate with his flock, keeping them informed of his activities and directives.  It regularly features  his spiritual reflections and writings.