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Listing of Movable Feasts

TriodionJan 28Feb 17Feb 09Feb 21
Meatfare SundayFeb 11Mar 03Feb 23Mar 07
Cheesefare SundayFeb 18Mar 10Mar 01Mar 14
Great Lent BeginsFeb 19Mar 11Mar 02Mar 15
Sunday of OrthodoxyFeb 25Mar 17Mar 08Mar 21
Lazarus SaturdayMar 31Apr 20Apr 11Apr 24
Palm SundayApr 01Apr 21Apr 12Apr 25
Holy FridayApr 06Apr 26Apr 17Apr 30
Pascha / EasterApr 08Apr 28Apr 19May 02
AscensionMay 17Jun 06May 28Jun 10
PentecostMay 27Jun 16Jun 07Jun 20
Apostles Fast BeginsJun 04Jun 24Jun 15Jun 28
Apostles Fast Duration38 days18 days27 days14 days

Note: The Holy Apostles Fast duration varies every year. It begins on the Monday following Sunday of All Saints and ends on July 12th. Thus it may last from 8 days - if Easter falls on May 8th - to 42 days - if Easter falls on April 4th.

You are viewing dates according to the Old Calendar. View the New Calendar. Note: the main difference between the two calendars is the duration of the Apostles Fast.

This year, Holy Pascha was celebrated on April 8th. In 2019, Holy Pascha will be celebrated on April 28th.

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