Carpatho-Rusyn Prostopinije: Samohlasen Yesterday And Today

The samohlasen tone, hlas V, from two sources.

The upper staff presents the version found in a Carptho-Rusyn manuscript Irmologion written around 1700.

The lower gives the tone as sung nowadays. It was supplied to the author by the late Michael P. Hilko (+ 1974), a well-known cantor, choir director, and composer.

The tone consists of three repeating phrases (marked A, B, and C), a special concluding phrase (marked x), and the melody for the psalm verses (marked Ps).

The final note of Ps in the earlier version is probably a scribal mistake; it should be G rather than A, in agreement with Hilko's version.


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By Steven Reynolds, University of Oregon.
From the "Carpatho-Rusyn American", Vol. III (1980), No. 2, published by the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Society.