Orthodoxy At College

Orthodox Churches Near College Campuses

Parish Directory for  All Orthodox Churches in America. Click on the Nearby Parishes link and Enter the Zip Code of your College or University to locate the nearest Orthodox Parish.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official Orthodox campus ministry effort  in the United States. and Canada.  This organization ministers to all Orthodox Christan's in College no matter what  Orthodox Diocese they are from..  There are OCF Chapters in many Orthodox Colleges and Universities  in the USA.   The purpose of the OCF is to act as a support system for Orthodox College Students. They sponsor many different social and spiritual activities, and often arrange for transportation to divine services  at local Orthodox Churches.  When you are in college find out if  there is an OCF on campus.  If not,  why not  start a Chapter!

Locate OCF Chapters in USA and Canada

Searchable database for finding an OCF chapter in the USA and Canada.

Real Break Mission Trips

The OCF each year sponsors mission trips throughout the USA and the world during Spring Break Vacation.

Short Term/Summer Mission Trip (OCMC)

Each year the Orthodox Christian Mission Center,  a Pan-Orthodox missionary agency, sponsors short term mission trips during Summer vacation.  An excellent opportunity for a college student to participate in service projects and evangelization in foreign lands.