News and Needs: St John the Compassionate Mission Releases Christmas Newsletter

TORONTO, ONTARIO --   St. John the Compassionate Mission has just released its Christmas 2009 Newsletter which highlights  the  incredible philanthropic works, accomplished by this exemplary Apostolate of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA.  which can be downloaded by clicking here.

St. John's Mission works in co-operation with the local Orthodox churches of Greater Toronto, to serve anyone in physical and spiritual need. It provides meals, support and a wide range of programs to marginalized and vulnerable individuals, in a community setting. It also operate a wholesale bakery and thrift shop to provide dignity, work experience and training for men and women, many of whom are homeless or on social assistance.

During the winter months, the mission faces many challenges posed by the inclement weather and struggles to make payments for heat and electricity, and to provide food for an increased number of people.   

Those who wish to be of assistance to allow the Mission to care for those in need are kindly asked to contact  Fr. Roberto Ubertino, the Executive Director of St. John the Compassionate mission at Father Roberto Ubertino by telephone at 416-466-1357 or via email at

You may learn more about St. John the Compassionate mission by reading the Christmas 2009 Newsletter and viewing its website at