Diocesan Apostolate for Christian Education Establishes An Orthodox
Book Club

JOHNSTOWN, PA -- The Diocesan Apostolate For Christian Education is pleased to announce the establishment on an on-line Orthodox Book Club, interesting books on a variety of topics related to the Orthodox Faith can be discussed.  Each selected book will be moderated by a diocesan priest, who will take the participants on a guided reading of the selected text.  At regular intervals, the moderator will post commentary and discussion starters and participants will be invited to respond in a blog forum. All are encouraged to register so that they can join in the discussion. Upon successful registration, the user may then post comments on the book club blog. 

The book club will kick off on October 21, 2009  with the reading of "Flames of Wisdom: Patristic Counsel For Contemporary Life," written by David Beck. The book may be purchased on-line at  our diocesan on-line store:  Orthodox Goods.com.   Order now so that you can receive your book in time to join in the discussion.

Click Here To Enter the Book Club

The Orthodox Book Club is one of many exciting new opportunities for on-line learning to be offered by the Apostolate for Christian Education.