Sts Cyril and Methodius Seminary Announces Courses for Spring 2010

PITTSBURGH -- The Byzantine Catholic Seminary has announced course offerings for the Spring 2010 semester. The semester runs from January 11 through April 22, 2010. A brief synopsis of evening courses is listed below. For more information as well as all scheduled courses, go to the Seminary website:

 The academic programs of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary are authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and are accredited by The Association of Theological Schools. Auditors are welcome and are not required to complete assignments or take examinations. Those interested in taking these courses for graduate-level credit, please contact the Seminary at, or by calling 412.321.8383.

 Located at 3605 Perrysville Avenue in Pittsburgh’s North Side, the Byzantine Catholic Seminary is convenient to I-279, I-376, and Routes 19 and 65.

Evening Courses

 Liturgical Reform in the Eastern Church

 This course will present a history and evaluations of liturgical reform and development. The focus is on the Eastern Churches, with some comparisons to the West. (2 credits)

 Monday evenings 7:00-9:00pm January 11-April 19, 2010 Instructor: Fr. David M. Petras

Moral Theology in Chesterton and Belloc

 This course is a study of the Christian moral imagination in the writings of G. K. Chesterton and of his friend Hilaire Belloc. The course will also explore some of the voluminous poetry of both authors, including their more boisterous numbers. The course will consist of lecture presentations and discussion. (2 credits)

 Monday evenings 7:00-9:00pm January 11-April 19, 2010 Instructor: Fr. Jonathan Tobias

Foundations of Spirituality II

 Many of the topics that will be explored will parallel the season of the Great Fast: repentance, fasting, the Fathers’ understanding of the eight principle vices. Students will also have the opportunity to do a meditative reading of the Conferences of John Cassian which will form the basis of weekly discussions. (2 credits)

Tuesday evenings 7:00-9:00pm January 12-April 20, 2010 Instructor: Fr. John G. Petro

 The Theology of the Divine Office

 This course examines the historical development and theology of the daily cycle of liturgical worship in the life of the Christian Church. Among the various areas covered are: the two modes of public and private prayer; the systems of prayer in the New Testament and post-Apostolic centuries; the monastic and cathedral offices of daily prayer and more. (3 credits)

Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:30pm January 12 - April 20, 2010 Instructor: Fr. Stelyios Muksuris

Deadline for registration is DECEMBER 15, 2009.

 Registrations after that date will be charged a late fee.