Diocesan Clergy To Meet At Camp Nazareth

MERCER, PA - [Camp Nazareth Retreat and Conference Center] - Diocesan Clergy will meet at Camp Nazareth in Mercer, PA,  for the 2014 Clergy Retreat in two separate venues, beginning tomorrow, Bright Wednesday (April 23, 2014).

Diocesan priests will meet with His Grace, Bishop Gregory from Bright Wednesday through Bright Friday ( April 23-25, 2014)  and Diocesan Deacons, Subdeacons and Readers from Bright Friday through the afternoon of Bright Saturday.

This annual Clergy gathering was postponed from February of this year, due to inclement weather.

Meeting in the joy of Pascha, during Renewal or Bright Week will afford the clergy of the Diocese the opportunity to gather in joyful prayer and fellowship with His Grace, Bishop Gregory, and prayerfully reflect on keeping the light of Christ's Holy Resurrection burning brightly in the hearts and souls of the clergy and faithful of the Diocese throughout the Paschal and Post-Paschal Season.

The faithful of the Diocese are kindly asked to pray for the safe travel of our Diocesan Priests, Deacons, Subdeacons and Readers.