ACRY Ambassador Begins Real Break Romania Journey

JOHNSTOWN [National ACRY] -- Thanks to the generosity of  the members of the ACRY, the faithful of the Diocese and the Kulis Foundation, Nate Choma, the ACRY Ambassador, and College Student at Kent State University begins his OCF sponsored Real Break Journey to Romania, today.  

Nate is part of student team that is travelling to Valea Plopului, a remote village about 70 miles north of Bucharest, Romania. This community takes care of about 220 orphans, handicapped children and children from families with financial hardships. The orphanage is a ministry of the Pro Vita Association, an Orthodox, non-profit, non-governmental organization.  The team will return on March 29, 2014.

In departing for Romania, Nate has offered the following reflection on his upcoming journey.

To all I leave behind,

Although temporary, in a physical sense, I do leave you all. I believe that the apprehension felt by a soul before any journey is the soul's recognition that it will soon undergo a change. So much as I will soon return from my trip, I hope to come back changed from the experience.

I am, at best, a selfish person. As I'm sure it can be forgivable most days, it is still a burden. As I have recently read in the essays of Mother Maria Skobtsova (a gift generously given to me by soon-to-be-priest Fr. Bill George) she said: "Piety, piety. But where is the love that moves mountains?" A phrase, simple and powerful, and one that struck me and has stayed with me. For I can do service until my fingers are bone and my muscles atrophy, but if I do not love, there is no good in it. And so I pray, and believe my prayers will be answered, that my trip to Romania and the orphanages I will be helping will instill in me a deeper love for service to people and good works in the name of our Lord.

Simply enough, I only ask that you all send your prayers with me on my trip, as you have already done so much to help me along by sending donations and good wishes. My deepest thanks and appreciation to you all, as well as my desire to make you proud and represent well our Diocese and the ACRY.

And so I close, a bit nervous about the extended travel and the upcoming experience, with my prayers for you all. As always, be well and live well.

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Glory be forever.

Yours in Christ,

Nathaniel J. Choma

Please watch for updates on and the Diocesan Facebook Page for updates as available on Nate's Trip.

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