Diocesan Donors Program:
Equipping the Saints for Ministry

JOHNSTOWN, PA --  As was discussed at the Reconvened Diocesan Sobor this past Summer in Johnstown, PA,  The Diocesan Board of Trustees, acting on suggestions made at the 21st Diocesan Sobor  has made enhancements to the Distinguished Diocesan Donors Giving Program. 

The Distinguised Diocesan Donor Program, which was established by His Grace, Bishop John, of  Thrice Blessed Memory in 1973 has raised more than 2.5 million dollars to help with the operation and expansion of Camp Nazareth, Christ the Saviour Seminary and other Apostolates.

With the renewed emphasis in the diocese in recent years on diocesan growth and renewal, the need for additional funding  for key ministries to facilitate this initiative, such as education, youth, mission and evangelization and information technology, has become apparent.

On March 11th,  a direct mail appeal to all diocesan households was sent encouraging greater diocesan participation and outlining new giving opportunities:

$100.00 - Contributor

$250.00 - Bronze

$500.00 - Silver

$1,000.00 - Gold

$10,000.00 and Up - Platinum

Donors at the $100.00 and greater levels will receive a complimentary dinner at a regional DDD Dinner.

While the reach of the DDD Program will be expanded to other ministries, please be assured that the apostolates currently supported by the DDD Program will be supported at the same or greater level.

Our diocese needs YOUR help today to properly equip it for ministry in the 21st Century.  If you are not presently a DDD supporter, please become one.  If you are already a supporter, can we count on you to increase your support, keeping in mind the many blessings you have received from Almighty God?

Your sacrificial offering will allow us in the words of St. Paul, to:

Equip the Saints for the work of ministry, for edifying of the Body of Christ" 
- Ephesians 4:12

Imagine what marvelous works we will be able to accomplish as a Diocese when each of us generously shares our God-given talents and resources with the Church!

To learn more about the DDD Program, donate online, or download a mail-in contribution form please visit the DDD Program Web Page at http://ddd.acrod.org