Ecumenical Patriarch Commends Diocese on Recent Sobor

January 25, 2007

JOHNSTOWN, PA - His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas recently received a letter of commendation from His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew regarding the 20th Diocesan Sobor which was held this past summer in Old Greenwich, CT.  

The text of His All-Holiness' letter and His Eminence's response is as follows:


Protocol No. 1023

Your holy Eminence of Amissos, spiritual brother in the Holy Spirit and concelebrant NICHOLAS, grace to Your holy sacredness and peace from God.

It is with great interest and anticipation that we received the reports of the proceedings conducted at the recent Clergy-Laity Sobor of the beloved Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of America which was held in Greenwich, Connecticut. We carefully reviewed the reports and essays as submitted by the official representative of the Mother Church and Exarch, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America.

Having first been reviewed by the Patriarchal Committee of the eparchies of the throne and then forwarded to the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and after a considerable amount of meaningful and constructive discussion by the Metropolitans concerning the proceedings, proposals and decisions set forth at this Clergy-Laity Sobor of your beloved parishes, we convey to Your Eminence and holy brother in Christ Nicholas and convey to you the great satisfaction of the Mother Church for your spiritual guidance, administrative excellence and responsible discharge of your sacred duties in guiding our Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese in America, with a unanimous vote by the Holy Synod, the Mother Church approves and ratifies the outcomes of the Clergy-Laity Sobor of 2006. Please accept these sentiments of satisfaction and pride on behalf of the Holy Synod and from myself, personally.

We trust and instruct Your Eminence to assure the beloved membership of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of America of the continued positive regard and love of the Mother Church with our gratitude and congratulations to the clergy and to the faithful of your beloved vineyard for the successful Clergy-Laity Sobor. Bestowing upon all our Patriarchal Blessings of Grace, Peace and Mercy from God.


2006 December 12


Beloved Brother in Christ

Response of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas:


January 24, 2007

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Your All-Holiness:

I ask your Patriarchal Blessing and reverence your right hand!

We received with great joy and appreciation, the Patriarchal Letter regarding our recent 20th Clergy-Laity Sobor-Diocesan Council. We are grateful for your compliments of our triennial gathering, and we are moved that the Patriarchal Committee received and reviewed our reports to their satisfaction.

We are also grateful to the Mother Church for the kind compliments of my episcopal labors in behalf of the faithful and for your constant blessings on the Diocese.

We also take this opportunity to commend Your All-Holiness on the recent most successful, historic visit of Pope Benedict with Your All-Holiness, which we all followed very intensely. We received ample news coverage of this blessed occasion. And we are grateful for the kindness shown to our Diocesan Archons, priests and laity of this Diocese who witnessed this historic, blessed event.

Asking your Patriarchal Blessing, and reverencing your right hand, keeping you in constant prayer, I remain,

Most sincerely yours in Christ,

+Metropolitan Nicholas of Amissos