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Diocesan Scouts Receive Alpha-Omega Award (7/5/21)

On Sunday, June 27, following the ordination of F.r Andrew Wythe to the priesthood, His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory presented , for the first time in his episcopacy, the Alpha Omega Award to two scouts of St. John’s Church in Perth Amboy, NJ. Nicholas Benc and Caeleb Chendorain earned Scouting’s Highest Eastern Orthodox Religious Award through the curriculum of the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting.

On Sunday July 4, 2021, Nicholas Benc was recognized for receiving this award by His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory at the end of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at Christ the Saviour Cathedral. Nicholas's grandfather George Evanisko, who was one of the first recipients of this award, was also in attendance and recognized by His Eminence.

Cub Scouts, Boy/Girl/Explorer Scouts interested in earning their Alpha Omega awards may work with their priest using the information found at the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting’s website:

Posted photos show scenes from the award/recognition ceremonies at St John The Baptist Church and Christ the Saviour Cathedral.
Nicholas Benc and Caeleb Chendorain stand at attention in front of the parish and present themselves to Metropolitan Gregory for the awarding of the Alpha Omega Religious Medal.
His Eminence reads the prayer and blesses the Awards. Looking on are the newly-ordained Fr. Andrew Wythe, Very Rev. Fr. Michael Chendorain (pastor), and Fr. Matthew Moriak (OCA).
Metropolitan Gregory ‘lightly’ sprinkles the scouts and prays for their health.
His Eminence pins the Alpha Omega Award on Caeleb Chendorain, the son of the Very Rev. Fr. Michael and Pani Melissa Chendorain.
His Eminence pins the Alpha Omega Award on Nicholas Benc, the son of the Protodeacon Gregory and Tammy Benc.

Axios! His Eminence poses with the Scouts and intones “Many Years!” For their accomplishment.

Caeleb and Nicholas pose for a picture with their family members following the presentation of the Alpha Omega Scouting Award.
Nicholas Benc, a recent recipient of the Alpha and Omega achievement award from the Boy Scouts poses with Metropolitan Gregory and his grandfather George who was one of the first recipients of the award. .