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Great Vespers - St. Nectarios Church - Lakeland, FL (11/23/19)

On the weekend of November 23-24. 2019, His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory made a pastoral visit to St. Nectarios Orthodox Church in Lakeland, Florida.

Posted photos show scenes from Great Vespers on Saturday, November 23, 2019.

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The Artophoria, The Gospel & the Bishop's Mitre
Metropolitan Gregory conversing with the parish altar servers before Vespers.
Metropolitan Gregory praying before the Icon of St. Nectarios, the Patron Saint of the Parish.
Metropolitan Gregory presiding over Great Vespers at the Episcopal Throne.
The beautiful sanctuary during Vespers.
Commemorating the Metropolitan during the Great Litany.
The Entrance at Great Vespers. Assisting Fr. Demetrios was Fr. Andrew Pavlakos of a nearby Greek Orthodox Parish.
Nadia, Linda, Don and other parishioners leading the responses to Vespers.
Altar server, Marek intently studying the Metropolitan's Mitre on the Altar.
Metropolitan Gregory offered a few words at the conclusion of Great Vespers.
The Metropolitan has young Panagiotis hold his staff during the sermon
Icon of the Resurrection
Metropolitan Gregory explained the significance of the Bishop's Staff as being that of a shepherd.
Bishop Gregory explaining the depiction of Christ raising up Adam from Hell in the Icon of the Resurrection.
Metropolitan Gregory explained that the Liturgical Day begins at sunset.
His Eminence explaining the difference between Linear Time (Cronos) and Liturgical Time (Kairos).