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Diocesan Parenting Workshop Series - Rockaway, NJ

On Saturday, March 2, 2019 some 55 participants engaged in a one day Diocesan parenting workshop which was the first in a new series of workshops being offered by our Diocese. This one took place at our church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Rockaway, NJ. 35 adults and 20 children participated in the half-day workshop which included talks by His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory and Fr. Stephen Loposky, as a well as small group discussions, a curriculum and activities for the kids, and wonderful luncheon as well as prayer before and Vespers after the day's sessions concluded. It was a wonderful day together and one that will be hosted by other Diocesan parishes in the later Summer and Fall of 2019.
Welcome the first Diocesan Parenting Workshop at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Rockaway, NJ
His Eminence welcomes the everyone attending.
The day started with all the families praying together in the church.
Then the parents brought the kids to their activities for the day.
Some of the younger kids stayed with their parents in the church.
The first part of the day's lesson for the kids. They learned about the gifts of bread and wine that will be used for Communion.
A great conversation about gifts!
Meanwhile the parents were up in the church.
And the kids were learning downstairs.
And making Prosphora downstairs!
Hard at work making Prosphora for the church.
As part of the process the kids learned how dough had to rise before being stamped.
His Eminence blessing the food for lunch.
Sts. Peter and Paul put on a very nice "spread".
Families enjoyed lunch together.
And then the parents came to their second session of the day.
Metropolitan Gregory presents to the gathered parents.
The parents (and grandparents!) enjoyed His Eminence's presentation.
And meanwhile the Prosphora making went on downstairs.
A lot of work downstairs and upstairs was going on.
And in the midst of the work some great smiles!
Games for the kids later...
...even some "Tape Roll Bowling".
Later the kids learned about the Proskomedia.
And saw the fruit of their labors
And the parents continued in an informal session of Q and A with His Eminence.
His Eminence continuing the discussion.
Fr. Peter demonstrates the Proskomedia in the afternoon.
Meanwhile the parents had some great small group discussions...
In the upper hall...
...His Eminence enjoys the small group conversations.
And again, downstairs with the last activity for the kids.
The day together began with prayer and concluded...
...with a beautiful Vespers Service.