Photo Gallery

2018 Diocesan Camp Week 1 - Monday, July 16

Pictures of Monday, July 16 from Week 1, Camp Nazareth 2018
Campers stretching during Morning W.I.P.
Campers getting ready for the day....
.....with a quick morning jog during W.I.P. (Work in Progress)
Morning Matins
Cabins 1 & 2 cleaning off the walk way during Cabin Cleanup. Future CN Maintenance???
These campers are excited for their friend who stole the bacon.
Strategizing during games.
We present to you, Monopoly Frisbee.
Nice Throw during Monopoly
Having fun during Monopoly Frisbee today
Nice Catch!!!
Older Capture the Flag
Trying to capture the flag was a difficult task for the older campers.
"The Noodler" moves around the field during Capture the Flag
This camper is having so much fun during Sport Activities this morning
Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag
Watching the action in the Gaga Ball Pit.
Gaga Ball
You have to remained focused during Gaga Ball
A rendition of Kickball being played down at the Softball Field
Fr. William joins in on the action down at the field.
Having fun with our friends is what Camp Sports are all about.
Morning Low Ropes Course Group
Everyone bringing it in after sports today.
Waterfall Hike
Waterfall Hike
Waterfall Hike
Cabin 3 boys are in a moment of prayer during the water blessings
Fr. William leads the group in prayer.
All smiles after such a great hike.
An amazing group on the hike today.
Ladies from Cabin A singing beautifully during Plain Chant.
Plain Chant
Cabins A/8/7 during Plain Chant with Counselors Sam and Sarah
Campers from the Youngest Cabins enjoy a game of "Who Stole the Bacon" before heading into the Low Ropes Course
Getting through the Laser Field....Together!
Campers carefully maneuver the Laser Field
Ropes Course Group
Thinking about her next move on the Whale Watch
Going through the Spiderweb with a little help from some friends
It can be a tricky task.....
....going across the Alligator Pit
Another camper going through the Spiderweb
Ropes Course Group
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Some great work from Arts and Crafts today.
Taking a moment for a picture before Dinner.
Photo Booth
Photo Booth
Another great meal prepared by our amazing CN Kitchen Staff for our Campers.
His Grace, Bishop Gregory with some campers at dinner.
All the older campers having a dance party at the Mixer pt.1
It's Limbo Time!!!
Having a blast playing games at the Pool Party
Games at the Pool Party
Games at the Pool Party
Games at the Pool Party
Fun in the Pool during the Pool Party