Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth New Cabin Construction Days 24-38

Construction progress on the new multipurpose structure at Camp Nazareth - Days 24-38.
And the drywalling continues. Only had 2 workers doing the drywall. They moved quickly.
One of the sides begins to get the soffit and facia.
Somewhat unrelated to the project, but this sky was too much to pass up!
The Camp Church is silhouetted in the trees with that incredible sky above.
We had to remove part of the sidewalk to 1 & 2 to run the electric...
...and then we had to put it back. But they never quite fit back together like they did the first time, so we ended up having to pour one block again.
Beginning to prep the area for the handicap parking space.
Metal plates used for walking on were in the way... they had to be removed.
...and the drywalling continues...
Putting the second and third coats on the side.
Digging out for the parking space...
...And then making sure it was level... the space could be framed...
...and the pad could be poured.
Looks a bit like Tetrus but don't worry. Little flower beds and gardens will make the area in front "The Ark" very beautiful.
It's going to look really nice when it's done!
Showers were put in place.
The breaker box had been in place for a while.
Future HVAC area.
And what's a cabin without a hallway? Nothing but a big empty space. So here's a hallway to make it more homey!