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Camp Nazareth New Cabin Project Completed

The 2017 Camp Nazareth New Cabin Project was completed in 57 days. Construction finished on November 20th, 2017. The structure will be used as a multi-purpose facility. It will be used as a speaking venue, an indoor activity center (especially on rainy days), a movie theater, as well as a place to house overflow Staff from the Staff Lodge, and perhaps even as a Nurse's Station in time to come.
Another view of the common area.
A shower area. There are two showers in the new cabin.
Part of the bathroom. There are two bathrooms as part of the finished cabin.
Just a utility room.
Alternate exit.
A washer and dryer are in one of the back hallways. They are in place if we need the cabin for Staff during the Summer.
Floor Outlets in 2 places will help reduce tripping hazards.
The wall may look yellow but it's not. The cordless blinds fit well with the very "clean" look of the interior and exterior of the new cabin.
A nicely done front porch. The raised railing gives it a "cleaner" look. The railings will be painted in the Summer.
The railings give it a "clean" look and so does the "boxed-in" 4x4s.
Another pic from the inside of the large common area. Blinds are up.
As you come into the New Cabin.
Looking toward the entrance of the New Cabin in the large common area.