Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth New Cabin Project Days 39-56

Camp Nazareth 2017 New Cabin Project.
Told you!
Just a door with a classier version of louvers.
Still a few things to do but nearly done
There's some equipment still in the structure but not nearly as much as there had been.
From the outside...
The interior doors were hung and awaited their coats of stain.
The flooring guys are nearly done. They made quick work of the new cabin.
Looking toward Cabins A and B and the Staff Lodge off the nice front porch.
The flooring guys worked very quickly.
Getting the floor in the shower area prepped and ready for tile.
Putting the finishing touches on a few things.
The interior doors came in and awaited their turn to be hung.
A nice view through the hallway window.
The front without the front porch railing just yet.
Site of the future Hot Water Tank.
Showers are coming together!
FRP in the bathrooms
Even though their was a lot of stuff in the way, the painters did well doing their work.
You can see the color verses the white.
Almost like painting in the dark.
Eventually the plastic will come off and we'll be able to see outside!
The equipment won't be their for long.