Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth New Cabin Project Days 1-10

Construction progress on new multi-purpose cabin at Camp Nazareth - Days 1-10.
The new cabin project begins with a trailer and a porta-potty together with an excavator and bulldozer.
Prepping the land after the trees had been cut down and removed.
Flattening the pad
A view from the where the back of the new cabin will eventually be.
We had to bring in a good amount of good fill to get the site ready for the foundation.
Beginning the leveling process
The dozer has a small leveling device attached to it to help the operator continue to level the pad.
Looking from cabins 1 & 2 towards the future cabin.
It was determined that these twin towers in the back were too close to where the foundation would be so they were going to have to be removed. But there's a use for'll see!
After one of the trees was removed.
Beginning to dig for the footers.
Worked moved along quickly.
Your basic pile of rebar.
Looks like a upside down cockpit for something the Empire used in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
Re-bar before the footers were poured.
Everything was ready for inspection and to be poured.
Pouring the footers.
A look along the northwest wall.
Tapping into the electrical was easy. Camp had left itself electric hook-ups from the Cabin Expansion Project.
The foundation being laid.
These guys worked quickly...
...and finished the foundation in 1 day.
A tired digger and front loader.
Conduit for the electric.
Here's the twin towers cut down. The pieces being used are 55 feet long - they'll be used as part of a bridge on the Dogwood Trail.
Getting the plumbing squared away.
Job done well...and quickly.
The cabin will have 2 showers and 2 bathrooms
Wasn't hard to find the water, storm water and septic. The line to the left is the old line that used to supply water to A & B but since the Cabin Expansion project it isn't needed.