Photo Gallery

2017 Science & Nature Camp - Wednesday August 9, 2017

Pictures of Wednesday, August 9 from Science & Nature Camp 2017.
The Carnegie Science Center came to present to the campers.
The campers enter the planetarium for a presentation about the planets in our solar system.
This solar balloon made its way throughout Camp Nazareth.
See next picture to view the image in infrared.
The campers as they observe the sun through a special telescope.
Teddy the Tortoise didn't miss out on the fun.
The sun as viewed through a telescope.
The campers are given special eclipse glasses for them to watch the solar eclipse on August 21st.
This camper is even more excited for the upcoming solar eclipse.
The campers observe different kinds of gases as they would appear on the ultraviolet spectrum.
The campers try an experiment that simulates the earth's gravity.
Craft time!