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Young Women's Encounter 2017 - Tues (6/27/17)

Tuesday morning prayers
Morning quiet time to pray, reflect, and prepare for confession
Bishop Gregory spent time with us, answering questions and talking about trusting in God at all times.
Guest speaker Theanne Gagianas and got to know everyone by their "JLo" names.
Theanne's shared her expertise in leadership training and communication through dynamic games.
The helium stick!
We are all connected to each other.
Supporting one another
Theanne shared with all of us the beautiful story of the weeping icon at Camp Nazareth during the summer of 1988 and how that experience is a constant reminder to trust God.
It is a joy to trust our sisters in Christ!
Trusting our community to catch us when we fall.
Theanne closed her time with us by offering each person a pencil..."you are capable of many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand."
After a walk Vasiliki asked us to consider how we are like rough rocks in a rock tumbler, who in community can use interactions as opportunities to become humble and smooth our imperfections.
Evening Penitential Prayers
Ending the night with confessions.