Photo Gallery

2017 Diocesan Camp Week 1 - Tuesday, July 18

Pictures of Tuesday, July 18 from Week 1 Camp Nazareth 2017
Rise and Shine for Morning W.I.P.
Day 2 of Gaga Ball!
Head Counselor Stephen taken out during Gaga Ball.
Gaga Ball enthusiasts ready to start a new round.
Great form for both offense and defense.
Team Gaga ball takes off and teammates work together.
Who's ready for some 9 square?!?!?!
9 Square
9 Square
Ready and pumped for more 9 square.
9 Square.
In-and-Out Soccer
With a pause in the action these campers take a moment for a quick photo.
Cabins 2 & 5 Low Ropes Course
Cabins 2 & 5 Low Ropes Course
Atomic Frisbee
Counselor Tim interviews a camper after sports.
His Grace, Bishop Gregory takes a moment to chat with our Head Counselor Stephen.
Arts and Crafts
These Cabin 2 guys are very proud of their Prayer Books during Arts and Crafts.
Cabin A ladies participate in the activity during the hike.
Counselors Victoria and Vince lead Plain Chant.
Cabins 1/4/6 Low Ropes Course
Cabins 1/4/6 Low Ropes Course
Cabins 1/4/6 Low Ropes Course
Cabins 1/4/6 Low Ropes Course
Young ladies responding during the Evening Service.
Father Miles delivers a great sermon during the Evening Service by the Shine of St. Nectarios.
Anointing after Evening Service.
Anointing after Evening Service.
Cabin A @ Dinner Theater
Cabin B @ Dinner Theater
Dinner Theater was a box office smash @ Camp Nazareth!!!
Cabin 2 @ the Campfire
Counselors perform a skit during Campfire
Our Seniors help lead a song.
The clergy @ the Campfire.