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2016 IOCC Memorial Build - 3rd Week (8/16/16)

The IOCC team members of the 3rd and final build week began their labor of love. When they arrived on the site, They were greeted by the great workers from Habitat for Humanity that have been working on this house all summer. This week's group has 10 people, from all over the country (California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) which includes 3 from the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese and the remainder from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, The Orthodox Church in America and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA..

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Rachel Pribish never knew she could do soffit work!
It doesn't matter what house we work's all the same cause!
Up goes the siding.
Transporting materials to the site.
Measure twice...cut once!
Craig from Habitat St. Tammany West oversees the interior work.
Gary Grysiak cutting some....stuff.
Shears are just big kiddie scissors.
Harvest 2000 lyrics...written by Fr. Michael Rosco and his late son, Vlad.
Now, this is something worth waiting for!