Photo Gallery

2016 Diocesan Camp Week 2 - Monday July 25

Pictures of Monday, July 25th from Week 2 Camp Nazareth 2016
Morning Matins are a great way to start off the day.
Week 2 Seniors light their candles.
Friends ready for some awesome sport activities.
Trusting one another requires focus and concentration towards one another.
A helping hand to accomplish a challenging goal is always appreciated.
Campers try their was through the Spider Web together.
Ultimate Frisbee.
Week 2 9 Square is underway!
This camper is trying to Capture the Flag.
Teamwork is a must for Blind Volleyball.
Dancing is very popular especially when it comes to Ethnic Dancing.
That spider web on the low ropes course can be quite tricky.
Getting that Whale Watch to balance is no easy task.
Balance is key to this element.
Some of the younger campers having a blast.
Even the younger campers help one another.
Some young ladies getting ready to process during Plain Chant.
Procession to the Mother of God Shrine.
Chanting prayers to the Mother of God.
Campers working hard on their blankets to be donated to charities.
Even the guys are into helping.
Playing some games during the Younger Camper Pool Party.
Intense concentration to guess how many Skittles are in the jar.
Quick photo with friends during Monday's recreation.
Friends are what makes camp great.
We live smiles at camp.
And we love camp.
Some of the younger campers take time for Snow Cones.
This camper is a happy camper now that she has her Snow Cone.
Limbo ends our Monday of week 2.