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2018 Diocesan Camp Week 1 - Sunday, July 15

Pictures of Sunday, July 15 from Week 1 Camp Nazareth 2018
Camp Nazareth 2018 Week 1 Registration Begins!!!
Heading to their week long home.
Counselor Joe, from Cabin 1, greets his campers and parents.
A little bit of Baseball before the buses arrive.
Some early arrivals start decorations to welcome their fellow campers to the cabins.
Camp Staff Greeting Campers as they arrive
New Arrivals at Camp
New Arrivals at Camp
New Jersey bus unloads at camp
Campers heading to the Pavilion
Campers fill out personal name tags during regestration
Campers fill out personal name tags during registration
Cabin 5 Counselors, Alexandra and Anna greet a camper as they arrive.
Campers are excited to see friends
Campers helping to sort belongings
Campers getting off the bus after a long journey
Camper Registration
Camper Registration
Cabin 7 Counselors, Joey and Paul take a minute for a picture with one of their campers
Some campers pack a lot.
Some campers pack light.
A couple of the senior girls for the week taking goodies they brought from Home.
Cabin B girls take a minute for a picture.
Cabin A and B ready for the week.,
The whole camp enjoying a picnic dinner before staff intros.
Picnic Dinner
Campers ready for Staff Intros.
Your Counselors from Cabin 4, Sarah and Lauren!!!
Campers enjoying Staff Intros
Fr. Stephen gets the group going before introducing His Grace, Bishop Gregory.
Campers excited to be at camp finally!
His Grace, Bishop Gregory addresses the campers after Staff Introductions
Some of the Older Campers are captivated by His Grace, Bishop Gregory's talk
Week 1 Seniors take a moment with the Senior Programmers inside the church before Evening Prayers.
Candle Light Procession
Candle Light Procession
Candle Light Procession
Some of the Senior boys processing towards the cabins for Cabin Blessings
The whole camp outside of Cabins 4 and 5 to start Cabin Blessings
Fr. John prepares for Cabin Blessings
Cabin Blessings
Cabin 4 and 5 Girls singing during Cabin Blessings was glorious!
Cabin Blessings
His Grace, Bishop Gregory shares a moment with campers discussing the night sky