Photo Gallery

2016 Diocesan Camp Week 3 - Wednesday, August 3

Pictures of Wednesday, August 3 from Week 3 Camp Nazareth 2016.
The sticky buns have been found!!!
Another game of blind volleyball.
Campers returning a volley.
What a way to go for the frisbee.
A race to catch the frisbee.
Younger campers enjoying a game of capture the flag.
Another fun game of 9-Square during sports.
Ethnic dancing during sports.
Counselor Paul leads the campers during plain chant.
The procession on its way to the Saint Mary shrine.
Head of Ropes Course Jon leads the campers to their cabin rotation activity.
A camper makes it to the other island on the nitro swing element of the low ropes course.
A camper prepares to do the trust fall.
The power of teamwork.
Campers starting to make their blanket in arts & crafts.
Bookmarks designed by the campers during arts & crafts.
Campers going down to the bottom of the waterfall.
Campers enjoying the beauty of nature on the hike.
Counselors Vince and Elizabeth leading another portion of the hike activity.
Campers enjoying the Jurassic Adventure event Wednesday evening.
9-Square is a lot of fun. How about 9-Square in the pool?
Campers keeping their eyes on the ball.
The older campers' limbo contest during the pool party.
Will he make it to the next round of the limbo contest?