Photo Gallery

Family Day 2016 (June 5, 2016)

June 5, 2016 -- Over 200 Faithful gathered for the Camp Nazareth Family Day celebration which is the kick-off to the Summer Season at Camp Nazareth. The day began with the Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Grace Bishop Gregory. It concluded with a torrential rain storm but it had held off for the entire day allowing for swimming, crafts, the High Ropes Course dedication, and climbing on the course.
During Liturgy of Family Day.
His Grace preaching.
A little different perspective.
His Grace was preaching to those inside and outside.
A group photo.
A group panoramic!
The procession to the High Ropes Course.
She outran the procession to the High Ropes Course.
The gathered faithful at the High Ropes Course
Walking around blessing the Course
Had to reach up high to bless the Course.
Blessing the Family who donated the High Ropes Course.
Chris, Nicole and Kris at the sign which is posted showing the Course is dedicated to their husband and father.
The whole family gathered together who came for the dedication of the High Ropes Course.
Those gathered for the Family Day meal.
A nice panoramic of the Family Day meal.
Even the paramedics get a great meal!
Some of the Staff serving the meal.
Serving couldn't stop for long...just long enough to get a photo.
The kids were up but daddy was a little tired!
A pic of a table.
And another...
And another.
Grandma taking the tickets and grandson helping out.
The first climber on the Ropes Course.
The second climber on the Ropes Course
Staff members waiting to lend a hand if needed.
Another family member doing the Cargo Net
Priests don't do Ropes Courses do they?...
...Yes they do!
Watch this sequence of events on the "Pamper Pole" which is the affectionate name given to this element. -- climb to the top and jump. This brother sister pair did it but let's see how it happened.
Brother to sister: "So are you doing to stand up or what?"
They had to pull a switch-a-roo to get both up there at the same time.
But they did it and were all smiles after it was done!!
Mother, Aunt and Daughter together.
Navigating the "Islands in the Sky" 30 feet off the ground.
Sisters accomplishing the Ropes Course. Both did it all the way around.