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Family Camp 2016 - June 3-June 5

From Friday, June 3 - Sunday, June 5, 40 people from 9 families gathered at Camp Nazareth for the Family Camp Weekend which is run every year at Camp and culminates with the Family Day celebration. Families enjoyed a variety of activities during the weekend including Divine Services, prayer, Faith Enrichment classes, family challenges, games, free-time which included swimming, hiking, Rec Room games or just relaxing, as well as time at the Low Ropes Course. This is a great opportunity every year to enjoy the peaceful environment of Camp, draw closer to God and draw closer as a family.
First night fun and intros
Families played a game where they had to come up with their own family dance
Watching other families dance was fun
Wondering when their family's turn would come was a little nerve-racking!!
Now that's a campfire!! The first night of Family Camp.
Enjoying breakfast together.
Meals were served in the Lodge of course...but the families enjoyed a picnic in the pavilion later in the day.
Families shared tables with one another as part of the fun.
Great pic!
Stuffed animals have to eat breakfast too, ya know!
Having a game of catch during some freetime.
He shoots on dad...but does he score?
His Grace enjoying some time with one of our families.
Pretzel sandwiches were given to each family on Saturday as part of the "Picnic in the Pavilion" lunch.
The littler ones enjoyed doing some chalk art. It's not graffiti if you allow it.
This young man stopped briefly for a photo op.
It's amazing how drawing on pavement is so much fun!
Staff enjoyed being "outlined".
Meanwhile the older kids with their moms and dads enjoyed some games and family challenges.
Learning to "spot" before going into the Low Ropes Course.
You have to trust that the person behind you will in fact catch you. C'mon dad, trust your daughter!!
A great trust exercise for husband and wife!
It's called "Willow in the Wind"... you let yourself get "blown"... and fro hoping that...
....those around you will gently catch you and guide you.
Entering the Low Ropes Course to tackle some of its elements.
It was a lot of fun to have parents "spot" the kids as they walked across the TP Shuffle
It was like going through a friendly gauntlet.
"Ariba!" The little guys enjoying a quick photo op after an intense game of Hide-and-Seek!
Getting a quick pic of some of the families.