Photo Gallery

2016 Diocesan Camp Week 3 - Monday, August 1

Pictures of Monday, August 1 from Week 3 Camp Nazareth 2016.
Our campers begin the day with morning Matins.
Kitchen staff member Daniel prepares delicious pancakes for breakfast.
The first day of 9-Square begins.
A camper prepares to serve in blind volleyball.
Both capture the flag teams give each other a team high-five.
A camper tries to score in capture the flag.
...And counselor Shawn makes the catch.
A race for the frisbee begins.
Ethnic dancing during the dance portion for the sports program.
A game of capture the flag is about to begin.
A team-building exercise where each person holds up wooden sticks for their fellow camper to walk across.
A quick glimpse of the low ropes course.
A procession to the Saint Mary shrine during plain chant.
A group of campers that went on the hike to the waterfalls.
A journey through the woods to the waterfalls.
Team building at its finest.
A camper makes her way through the spider web element of our low ropes course.
Our children making blankets that will be donated to charitable causes.
A camper helps make a blanket during arts and crafts.
Our Camp Nazareth community comes together during the Vespers service.
Fr. Miles speaks to the campers during Vespers.
Campers enjoying a game of water polo at the pool party.
Down the slide this camper goes.
Our youth enjoying snow cones together.
A nice game of volleyball for the older campers.
Campers in line for the limbo contest.