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YWE #praylikeagirl Monday July 2, 2018

On Monday we discussed the topics 'rejoicing in hope' and 'patient in tribulation'. After praying the Akathist of Thanksgiving, Glory to God for All Things, we visited the Lincoln Caverns in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.
Morning Prayers
Quiet time
Baby Helen chatting with the young women during breakfast.
"Rejoicing in Hope" - Pani Amy talks about how we can find hope by experiencing awe.
Groups were challenged in this partner paper holding competition.
The winning group held 17 papers between two people.
A quick game
"Patience in Tribulation"
Pani Eleni presented on how to practice gratitude in difficult times.
We decorated a barren tree with leaves of gratitude.
We made crafts to remind us to share gratitude with others.
After spending the day talking about hope and patience, together we prayed an Akathist Hymn, Glory to God for all Things.
Feeling welcomed at Lincoln Caverns

Marveling at God's creation
Caves are cool.
Evening prayers in the Cathedral room.
One of the moments with the lights on during our black light tour.