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2016 Diocesan Altarboy Retreat - (6/27/16)

The second day of the 2016 Diocesan Altarboy Retreat included several presentations on the Retreat Theme, a Plain Chant Singing Rehearsal and a trip to Sts Peter and Paul Church in Windber, PA where the boys enjoyed the recreation amenities and spent additional time in study, reflection, service and prayer.
The day began with Morning Prayers in small groups.
Morning Prayers at the Seminary
Prayer before Breakfast.
These young men can't wait for breakfast to begin.
Fr. Will Bennett gave an engaging presentation of the theme of the Encounter, "Faith and Works"
Fr. Luke Mihaly and members of last year's Appalachian Service Project spoke about their work providing repairs to several homes.
Rehearsing the Plain Chant Response for Divine Liturgy.
These young men tried out for reading the Epistle at the Altarboy Retreat Liturgy.
Enjoying the slide at the Windber Rec Center Pool.
Playing Frisbee at the Rec Center
Retreat Tradition: Fr Zak's Slow Pitch.
Fr. Michael Chendorain explained the group activity that the altarboys would be doing: the assembly of special health kits for IOCC to distribute to those in need in the flood ravaged area of West Virginia.
Working on making the health kits.
Fr Peter reminded the altarboys that they must live their faith in the spirit of love.
Fr Peter Zarynow gave an interesting presentation on the Retreat Theme.
Rap session with the middle group.
Clergy rap with the youngest altarboys.
A lighter moment during the Clergy Rap session with the oldest altarboys.
Fr. Andrew spoke about the need to listen to the voice of God in our lives.
Fr. Andrew Fetchina led the Service of Preparation for Holy Confession.