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Fr Myron's 50th Anniversary As Pastor of Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel of Akron, Ohio (10-22-17)

His Grace Bishop Gregory visits Akron, OH for a five-fold celebration:

- Fr. Myron Zuder's 50th Anniversary as Pastor of St. Mary Church (1967-2017)
- Fr. Myron's 55th Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood, (October 7, 1962)
- Father Myron and Pani Dolores' 55th Anniversary of Marriage, (Sept 1, 1962)
- Father Myron's 80th Birthday (August 14)
- The Ordination to Sub-Diaconate of Gregory Zuder by His Grace, Bishop Gregory
David Zuder presents bread & salt to His Grace
Father Zuder presents Cross to Bishop Gregory
Sub-Deacon Gregory Zuder washes hands of Bishop Gregory after being ordained as Sub-Deacon.
Father Fedornock incenses the church.
Gary Zuder chants the Epistle.
Father Polanichka reading the Gospel.
Father Zuder distributes the Eucharist.
Sub-Deacon Gregory listens to Bishop’s exhortation
Attending priests with Bishop Gregory.
Faithful at Liturgy
Father Myron and Pani Dolores - 55 Years of marriage
Sister Anastasia joins the faithful of the parish in receiving antidoron from Bishop Gregory.
Father Myron and Son Sub-Deacon Gregory
A lighter moment for Pani Dolores.
Presentation of flowers to Bishop Gregory by the Zuder granddaughters.