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Camp Nazareth Cabin Expansion Project Days 125-133 (4/18/16)

The Camp Nazareth Cabins are undergoing a major upgrade with this expansion. New bathrooms, showers, a large common room, covered front porches, and climate control (hvac) are just some of the planned upgrades.

The project is scheduled to be completed by May 1, 2016.

Photos show scenes from days 125-133 of construction: April 6, 2016 - April 18, 2016.

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April 6 - The beginnings of a front porch.
April 6 - A panorama of one of the cabin common rooms the centerpiece of which is a water heater!
April 6 - A rare photo op of part of the construction crew. Not unusual for them to be telling each other what to do, even in a photo op.
April 6 - Making the front porches excellent for our campers.
April 6 - A panorama of one of the single cabin common rooms.
April 6 - "Where's the shower?" "Down the hall and on your right!"
April 6 - Digging some extra drainage around the cabins to take care of the "floods" which typically hit Camp in and out of season.
April 6 - Everyday more and more gets done. Here the porches begin to get their spindles put on.
April 6 - Delivery of decking for each front porch.
April 6 - The worlds largest marshmallow skewer.
April 8 - Getting the Pump Room attached to the Bathhouse done.
April 12 - Nice looking front porch!
April 12 - This guy was just posing for a picture. He wasn't actually doing work.
April 12 - Can you guess what part of the crew these guys are? Yep...painters!!
April 12 - 2 of our dedicated construction workers...
April 12 - ...Jeff on the left and Doug on the right.
April 12 - Somehow this guy got into the cabin. It took a while, but we finally got him out...but he dropped something on the way out!!
April 12 - This is a picture of mud...and sky...with a cabin and a bathhouse in between!!
April 12 - We had a little bit of a tree challenge at Cabins 7 & 8.
April 12 - The tree eventually came down and what was left was a "cannon".
April 12 -- Too big to be a Velociraptor print. Too small to be a T-Rex print. What is it?
April 18 - Prepping for the sidewalks.
April 18 - Pouring the sidewalks.
April 18 - Sidewalk to Cabin 3?....Check!
April 18 - Sidewalk to Cabins 1 & 2? Check!!