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Camp Nazareth Cabin Expansion Project Days 77-88 (2/18/16)

The Camp Nazareth Cabins are undergoing a major upgrade with this expansion. New bathrooms, showers, a large common room, covered front porches, and climate control (hvac) are just some of the planned upgrades.

The project is scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2016.

Photos show scenes from days 77-88 of construction: Jan. 29, 2016 - Feb. 15, 2016.

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Jan. 29 - Peering into the attic of Cabin 3 before the new roof goes on.
Feb. 2 - Exchanging an empty one for a full one. Roll-offs are filled up pretty quickly.
Feb. 2 - Won't the campers be in for a surprise when the electric is connected to the metal door handles. "If you really want to stay in the cabins, you have to pass the test."
Feb. 2 - When it was warm, it was deep grooves of mud.
Feb. 2 - More of the duct work and vents get put in everyday.
Feb. 4 - All this insulation is left over after...
Feb. 4 - ...doing all of this. The "R" Factor is an important part of keeping the cabins cool or warm depending on the season.
Feb. 4 - That's a dry-walled bathroom.
Feb. 4 - That's a dry-walled hallway between the new and old parts of the cabin.
Feb. 4 - That's a dry-walled shower room. FRP Board will be put in all the showers rooms.
Feb. 4 - What a hallway might look like in the new part of a cabin with campers in it.
Feb. 4 - That's CAT5 wire. It's being placed in every cabin so when Fiber Optic cable is run to the Camp we'll be ready to connect it to each cabin.
Feb. 8 - Cabin 3 with it's roof sheeted.
Feb. 8 - In case you can't see it, that's heat blowing out up there! The cabins have their furnaces in and the workers are enjoying a more comfortable work space.
Feb. 8 - The common room of a Cabin with it's vaulted ceiling sheeted.
Feb. 11 - The common room with the finishing work completed on the drywall.
Feb. 11 - The shower area with the finishing done on the drywall.
Feb. 11 - The worker's like the cabins so much they started claiming them. This one is Ricky's! Disclaimer: "The opinions expressed on this cabin door do not necessary reflect the opinions of Camp Nazareth or it's employees."
Feb. 11 - No, that's not a phone made to look like a notepad. It's actually a notepad kids, and back in "the day" they used to actually write in them to keep track of things like colors of paint and stain.
Feb. 15 - Putting the insulation in place.
Feb. 15 - Bringing in a load of drywall. This guy was controlling the "arm"/boom of the truck by a remote control.
Feb. 15 - Here's a picture of that "arm"/boom. The operator was good at bringing in the drywall without a single chip in the drywall.
Feb 15 - Here's another common room with it's drywall finished.
Feb. 15 - That use to be a window in the old part of the cabin. Now it's going to be an emergency exit door.
Feb. 15 - If you look closely you can see an arm inside. They are beginning to remove the window to put an emergency exit door in its place.